Life Sciences / Product and Label Development

Make compliant formulations, claims and labels with our services

We can evaluate products on both a scientific and regulatory basis when you plan to include new ingredients or develop new formulations. With our oversight a product is guaranteed to be compliant with all regulations when it hits the market, with all its claims supported with rigorous evidence. 

Our services extend to the design and review of product labels as well, and covers a range of markets such as cosmetics, foods, beverages, medical devices, supplements, health products and veterinary products. Our graphic design team can develop ready-to-print, made-to-order labels for you as well. 

Product Development & Label Compliance Services
  • Assist with ingredient selection and new product formulations
  • Substantiate therapeutic and health claims
  • Evaluate ingredients for safety and efficacy
  • Prepare full toxicology dossiers and evaluations for ingredients and formulas
  • Prepare combination rationales and evaluate possible drug interactions
  • Develop product monographs for consumer and medical professionals
  • Complete all required scientific and medical writing
  • Develop compliant labels and provide translation services
  • Review labels for compliance
  • Create graphic labels ready-for-print, including necessary fact panels