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Stake your claim in a 400-billion-dollar market

The natural health products and dietary supplement business is currently estimated to exceed $400 billion in worth. Dietary supplements account for nearly $40 billion in sales, and in Canada, sales from natural health products exceed $5 billion. 

The industry is very strictly regulated, but the markets make the navigation of regulatory minefields worth it. Prophema provides all the support necessary to gain a strong place in the market while adhering to regulatory strictures. 

Natural Health Product (NHP) Services for Canada:
  • NHP Product Licensing
  • Substantiating Health Claims 
  • Assistance with product development
  • Site licensing for NHP development
  • GMP Compliance
  • Supplier Qualification
  • NHP importation and border control issues resolution
  • NHP clinical trials
  • Pre-submission meetings with Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Products Directorate
  • International Trade Certificates (ITC) & certificates of GMP Compliance
Dietary Supplement Services for the United States:
  • FDA product compliance
  • Health claim substantiation and product development
  • FDA cGMP Compliance
  • FDA supplier qualification
  • Dietary supplement clinical trials
  • New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Assessment and Notification Filing
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Dietary supplement label review
  • Import & border control issue resolution
  • Amazon dietary supplement requirements